Are You Ready to Have a House Full of

Love, Laughter, Deep Connection and Open Communication?


It’s more than possible, and I have the tools to guide you there.

If your relationship gets caught in cycles of conflict, disconnection, bitterness or resentment but what you want is:

  • Open, easy communication
  • Deeper connection & intimacy
  • A strong, loving co-parenting bond

Then you need to join my 5 week relationship training program

(Offered via zoom, and a private membership web space)

This is Right for you If…

What People Have Said About Sandy

I absolutely loved the simplicity and efficiency of this method. Sandy is a compassionate teacher who understands how to bring about a shift in perspective with the very little spare time we have! She has so much clarity, and really cuts away anything unnecessary to leave you with a core of gold. I am so grateful for the tools we were given and the space that it created for us to reconnect. Definitely recommend!!

Laura Carrotti

Sandy, I am most appreciative of your trusting nature and open heart. You have the ability to bring depth, warmth and wisdom to every situation, especially when it involves dealing with uncertainty and fear. I always feel heard, safe and respected by you, and am forever grateful for your guidance over the years.

Eden Dupont

We are so grateful for all of the work we have done with Sandy.  We still have challenges in our communication, but we are much quicker to catch it and get back on track.  Now that we are in quarentine, we keep thinking how lucky we are that we made these changes when we did.  The work has really paid off.

B.C. Couple P & J

What I love about Sandy is her ability to listen with an open perspective, then communicate simple yet helpful strategies for moving forward. Sandy has a gift for listening deeply with kindness, compassion, and non-judgement, then articulating thoughtful reflections and tangible solutions. She is always able to offer clarity, focus, depth, and perspective to any issue that comes up, and I deeply value her insights. Without hesitation, I would recommend her as a guide, coach or therapist to anyone looking to make a lasting change in their life or relationships.

Paula Pensiero

Working with Sandy has been transformative for my relationship with my husband, and he hasn’t been directly part of the work.  It has allowed me to change the way I was thinking about the problems and how I approached my him to talk about it.  I have so much more compassion for both of us being at 200% since having kids.   I have gone through the lessons a few times… and man they are just so helpful.  I feel very clear about what I can do and feel commited to the practices I need to keep up with to keep us  on track.

Mom of 2 under 6

Here’s What You Get When You Join the Lasting Love Program

When you join Lasting Love…


We will spend the next 7 weeks together as I walk you through instructions to deepen the key shifts  you can make, alone or together, to transform your closeness and connection


At the start of each week you will receive detailed video (live or recorded)and written material to guide you through a life changing relationship skill and exactly how to apply it in your life – time of live will be set to match the group’s availability.


You will have at least 2 opportunities to chat live with Sandy in a group video coaching setting to get your questions answered and get specific coaching as you implement the new practices.


You will be part of an inspired and dedicated group of other parents on the same path and also have a choice to stay quite anonymous.


You will have 24/7 access to the membership program over the entire 7 week period to take all the time you need with each piece of learning, and share it with your partner if they are open.


A the end you will receive a lifetime copy of the learning material, edited down to just my responses to protect people’s personal info.

Self-Paced With Live Support

How Does It Work?

Once You Enroll in  Lasting Love…

  • You receive a link to a permanent copy of the Relationship Reset Challenge videos so you have time to finish up that work before the sessions start.
  • The private zoom video session with sart Monday, June 1st. Each one will include instruction and Q & A for people, via group chat or live on the call (with or without video).
  • Video calls will be recorded and available in a password protected membership area.
  • I walk you through the core skills covered in the Relationship Reset Challenge at a deeper and more involved level.
  • You will get a downloadable PDF of my notes for the week so you have a written reference.
  • You will be given step-by-step instructions about how to practice that week in a way that is very do-able for your busy parent life.
  • On Friday of the same week, I will host group “office Hours” to check in with how things are going and answer any questions that have been emailed in or asked live.
  • Anyone who wants to come on live to dive into a specific question or example will be able to do that, either with full video, or just audio for more privacy.


5 weeks of Group Training to deepen Key Relationship Skills catered to your busy parent’s lifestyle ($875 Value)

5 Weeks of Group Q and A sessions, to help you try the learning and get help where you get stuck ($700 Value)

The option to continue with monthly Q & A  twice monthly sessions for $49/month (only available for Lasting Love graduates). Ongoing relationship coaching and support at an unbeatable price.


Total Value = $1575 +++

Your Cost = $100 USD

That is 10 hours of relationship support for less than the cost of 1 therapy appointments.







We back our program with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Here’s how it works:

You can participate in the first full week of the live program. If you don’t feel the program is right for you at that point, you can simply right us an email by midnight, Pacific Standard time, on the Sunday June 7th following the start date to request a full refund.  We will give you a full and complete refund.  It’s as simple as that.

If you don’t plan on starting the program the first week, make sure it is right for you since the ability to get a refund will not exist after the date specified at sign up.

This all sounds great But…

Is Lasting Love really as good as it sounds?

YES! And if you decide after a one week trial that you don’t agree, you are free to ask for a refund, so there is nothing to lose.

What Will I Learn?

You can find the outline of the program below.  The power of this program, however, is that it will grow and to meet the needs of the group who joins.

Unshakable Love an exaperience.  It is not only about learning new ways to think about and address your relationship issues, but it’s about doing the work and staying motivated to take steady small actions with big results.

I know that most of us are already bombarded with too much information about how we “should” be but not enough clear guidance to realistically get there in the chaotic, busy world of parenthood.

Unshakable Love will provide you with simplest path to get you exactly where you want to go.


Assessing my relationship vision and building a rock solid motivation for my desired transformation. What is my vision and why does it matter?  What are the issues we fight about? What is the universal need behind the issues?


Witness and document your patterns of disconnection that go accross many issues.  What is the sequence of emotions, thoughts and behaviours for you and your partner?  What are the triggers for you and for your partner? What are some of the deeper issues for each of you? Looking for the 4 horseman and find-the-badguy cycles.  brainstorm micro changes you can make on your side of the cycle.



How to shift of our emotional triggers, and slow down knee jerk reactions and nervous system triggers.  Become love voice of love and reason… where we don’t agree, we have patience for hard conversations, and we hang onto the essence of our love while we hold the tensions of our differneces and unmet needs. Skill: mindfulness, grounding and orienting


How to shift the cycle by changing our thoughts.  This week we will take a deep dive into principles of cognitive behavioural psychology, where we fine tune the skill of managing our minds in order to radically influence our feelings and behaviours. Skill: deep gratitude, 5-1


More practical skills and tools.

Review: Validation of deepest needs, mindfulness, grounding, orienting, gratitude, 5-1

New Skills: sharing at the end of the day, setting boundaries and making request from a place of unconditional love and radical acceptance.




How quickly will I be able to start once I pay?

You will receive a confirmation of payment and welcome email right after paying fo the program.  The program will start on Monday, May 18th and last for 7 weeks.

How much time do I need to commit?

If you plan to work through the live program, real time, I recomend you spend between 1-2.5 hours per week. 

We expect you to go through it as your time allows, pausing it and returning to it as your schedule allows.

If you are not able to carve out the time at first, don’t worry.  At the end of the program, I will gift you will a lifetime recording of the core teaching material – excluding questions or personal commentary.  This will allow you to return to it again again again, and share it with your partner/spouse as they are ready and able.


What if I want support for implimentation past 7 weeks?

All graduates of Unshakeable Love are offered access to an ongoing membership where I offer ongoing Q & A opportunities, aswell as extra learning material as it is developed.  The current membership price is $35/month.

Can I share this program with my partner?

The purchase of this program allows you to share it with your partner, provided that you are in one household and you can use a single username and password.  We ask that you

What if I need help?

Each Monday, there is time for questions and answers after I present the material for the week.  You will also receive a written PDF handout that summarizes the material for a reference during the week. 

Friday there is a second live session where I will answer questions that have been emailed in or asked live. 

I am very invested in your success.  One of the reasons I want to teach live instead of by pre-recorded video, is that I will be able to adapt the teaching and examples to make sure that you understand how to implement them to a wide range of situations.

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

We back our program with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Here’s how it works:

You can participate in the first full week of the live program. If you don’t feel the program is right for you at that point, you can simply right us an email by midnight, Pacific Standard time, on the Sunday following the start date to request a full refund.  We will give you a full and complete refund.  It’s as simple as that.

If you don’t plan on starting the program the first week, make sure it is right for you since the ability to get a refund will not exist after the date specified at sign up.

I am totally non-techy - can I still join

You will need to be comfortable logging onto a membership site and participating in a zoom call.  My hope is that after the pandemic, most people will find this very manageable, but if not I will be happy to give you the support you need on the tech front. 

If you have ever logged onto facebook or watched a Youtube video you should have all the tech capabilities you need.




Listen to what others have said about Sandy


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